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Will I lose my license if arrested for DUI in Washington?

Yes, if you are arrested in Washington State for DUI (driving under the influence) your license can be suspended for 90 days to 2 years.  You have to act fast if you want to fight losing your license.  Washington DUI laws require that you request a hearing to contest your license suspension within 20 days! […]

Winter Weather Means More Accidents

If you live in the Pacific Northwest then you know how treacherous the roadways become when the Winter “ICE” arrives.  Unlike other area that may receive heavy snowfall, the Portland and Vancouver areas typically get covered in ICE!  It is much easier to drive on snow covered roads than it is on ice covered roads. […]

Getting Help After a California Car Accident

If you or someone you know has ever been in a serious car accident you already know how traumatic they can be.  Not only can you face life long injuries that can put a huge financial strain on you and your family, but there can be emotional scars that can last just as long as […]

Current Arthritis Reports

Mechanisms and Models in Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is a bewilderingly complex disease involving the interactions of many, and varied, cell populations and multiple families of low and high molecular mass mediators. We are only slowly beginning to understand the mechanisms that produce the local and systematic pathology clinically recognized as rheumatoid arthritis. Increasingly, use […]

Current Hypertension Reports

Hypertension and Brain Mechanisms Hypertension and Brain Mechanisms Hypertension and Brain Mechanisms Molecular Genetics of Hypertension This is a rapidly expanding research area, with most current publications existing as journal articles, or as single chapters in larger volumes. This will be one of the first books to bring all this information together into a comprehensive […]

Current Women’s Health Reports

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender, Two-Volume Set The study of gender differences began in earnest in the 1970s and has since increased dramatically to infiltrate virtually all fields of study in the social and behavioral sciences. Along the way, it was discovered that while women very often think and behave differently than do men, industrialized […]

Current Depression Reports

Risk Factors in Depression A complete reference on the many models of risk factors in depression. Risk Factors in Depression Risk Factors in Depression A complete reference on the many models of risk factors in depression. Risk Factors in Depression The Self in Anxiety, Stress and Depression The focus of this book is on stressful […]

Current Pain & Headache Reports

Headache This volume is part of the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, the worlds most comprehensive source of information in neurology. Now in its third generation, the series has an unparalleled reputation for providing the latest foundational research, diagnosis, and treatment protocols essential for both basic neuroscience research and clinical neurology. Headache Pain and Touch […]

Current Infectious Diseases Report

Global Mapping of Infectious Diseases This special volume of Advances in Parasitology gives a comprehensive overview of the practical procedures involved in all aspects of global mapping. Coverage includes new research and new data, along with descriptions of new techniques in global mapping. With chapters written by leading experts in the field, it should be […]

Current Asthma Reports

Asthma, 3rd Edition Now available in its Third Edition, Asthma: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management has become the reference text in asthma. This highly successful text sheds new light on the basic physiological and molecular mechanisms of asthma, how current treatments work, and how best to apply the latest knowledge to control this important disease. […]