Drunk Driver Survives Crash That Killed Two

A drunken driver survived a fiery car accident in Bay Park this Saturday, the crash killed two passengers. The driver is said to be arrested after his release from a hospital, according to San Diego police Sunday.

Alcohol is an evident factor as the impaired driver veered his vehicle and swerved off Friars Road and struck a boulder. Around 7:30 am. the vehicle’s flames spread to the local brush.

The driver managed to escape the car and only sustained minor cuts and burns.

The families of the two women killed during the crash from Oceanside were notified by a medical examiner, their identities were not publicized.

According to a San Diego County Medical Examiner, a dog also died in the flames.

Friars Road has multiple S-curves in the area, authorities warn drivers to be cautious driving through the area of the crash, and to never drink and drive.

Almost 30 people die each day due to alcohol-involved accidents, this adds up to 1 death every 51 minutes by an alcohol-impaired driver, according to data collected by the Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Sobriety Checkpoints, where law enforcement assess driver’s alcohol impairment, reduce alcohol-related crashes by 9%. Ignition interlocks, devices installed in the vehicles of previously convicted drunk drivers, prevent operation of the vehicle if the operator’s BAC is over state regulation. These locks are in relation with a 70% reduction in arrest rates for alcohol impairment. An exponentially more efficient method in reducing alcohol-impaired driving.

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