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Tragic accidents like this occur more frequently than we would like to believe.  No one anticipates being involve in a motorcycle or any other type of accident, but they do occur.  Many lives can be affected after an accident, not just the individuals involved.  When you or a loved one are impacted by an accident it is important to contact a local personal injury attorney that specializes in helping individuals who have been injured in an accident.

There are many ways to find a local personal injury attorney.  The quickest is to perform a search in one of the major search engines for your specific need.  For example, doing a search for “Chula Vista motorcycle accident lawyer“, “motorcycle accident lawyer in San Diego” or “San Diego accident attorney” should return web sites of local attorneys (we’ve linked to a local law firm in the examples).

You can also visit one of the many online attorney directories.  Below are some online directories where you can find local lawyers.



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Are you thinking of starting a business?  Looking to purchase real estate?  Injured in an accident?  These are just a few examples of times when having the help of an experienced attorney can be highly advantageous.

Now, you can find almost any information you need by doing a search on one of the major search engines.  You can find sites that provide legal definitions, legal forms, specific laws and even locate a local lawyer that specializes in your specific need.

In this article we wanted to provide some resources for those that live in Tennessee.  Below are links to helpful legal resources that should give you a good start on finding the information you are looking for.

Bar Associations

Legal Web Sites & Resources

Lawyer Directories

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Summer is coming to an end and Fall will quickly lead into chilly Winter months, are you prepared?  Taking a little time to ensure your heating system is functioning properly now can save you from some chilly days and nights in the coming months.  A local heating company will be able to quickly inspect your furnace to ensure it is functioning properly.  They will also be able to perform any routine maintenance that may be needed.

Most heating systems require the filter to be cleaned or replaced regularly and this one of the first things you should do before using your furnace.  Changing a furnace filter is an easy task that almost all homeowners will be able do.  Most other maintenance and repairs should be left to a trained and certified HVAC company.

When considering hiring a local furnace maintenance and repair company, there a few things you should consider doing for each company you are considering.  Below are a few things you can do quickly that will ensure you hire a good and reputable HVAC company:

  • Check to make sure they are licensed as a HVAC contractor in your state.
  • Check the BBB or state contractors board website to see if they company has any complaints.
  • Look at online review sites to see what past customers are saying about them.
  • Check their rates to see if they are comparable with other local companies.

Performing the items mentioned above will help ensure you hire a good heating and cooling company for you furnace or heat pump installation or repair needs.

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If you are going to be visiting Orange County, CA or if you live in the area you should check the local traffic conditions before heading out.  For those that have driven in Orange County, you know that the traffic can be a nightmare.  Even if there are no car accidents, traffic can still come to a stand still during peak hours.

As the population of Orange County continues to grow and because of it being an economic hub with many businesses and tourist destinations the roads are almost always jammed.  With packed freeways and busy side streets it is no wonder that many car accidents happen on a daily basis.

To check for current traffic conditions you can visit this web site:

Here is an image showing what type of information it provides:



Another great site to check for real time traffic information is the CHP traffic site here:

Here is an image showing the type of traffic information you can expect to find on the site:



Remember, if you do find yourself involved in an accident, be sure to contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in Orange County.  A good Orange County personal injury lawyer can help ensure your legal rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Above all, drive safe when driving in Orange County, CA!


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Over the last couple of months Gold prices have seen a decline, but recently prices have begun to tick up.  Currently, prices are up as investors move back into the gold precious metal.  After falling from its high of over $1900 per ounce, it is good news to gold investors and those looking to sell gold jewelry that prices have begun their upward trend.

As with any investment vehicle, gold and precious metals will fluctuate because of many different reasons.  It is almost impossible to determine which direction the price may go because there is no telling what events may occur to drive the price one way or the other.

Below is an image of the current Gold price chart:

Live New York Gold Chart [Kitco Inc.]

The below chart shows how the price of Gold has been moving lower over the last 60 days:

For those looking to sell gold jewelry the first thing you should do is get a jewelry appraisal from a certified jewelry appraiser in your area.  In many cases, jewelry can be worth more than just the value of its weight in gold.  Here is a link to learn more about the benefits of jewelry appraisals.

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If you own a small business you already know the challenges of acquiring new clients or customers.  This can particular difficult for small businesses because marketing budgets are usually tight and the owners are busy running their businesses to be able to market effectively.  Finding affordable small business solutions is often difficult because there are so many companies advertising low cost solutions, but it is hard to know which firm actually provide services that will help grow your business.

One thing to look for when selecting a small business marketing firm is to see how much experience they have and what type of clients they have worked with.  Another thing to look at is client testimonials if possible.  You want to know what past or current clients think of their services.

Obviously, the most important thing for small business marketing is a professional website that conveys our companies professionalism, products and services in an engaging manner.  Now, it is important to not only have a nice looking website, but it also needs to be “mobile friendly”.  A good small business web design firm should be able to develop an affordable mobile friendly website for your small business.

Today, search engine optimization or SEO is a very important part of any Internet marketing strategy, especially for small businesses.  Most people go online to quickly search for products and services in their communities and if you are not visible in those first few results, you are missing out on attracting new customers or clients.  As a small business owner it is important to find quality affordable small business seo services that you can be confident will help grow your business.

Another important marketing method that is important today is utilizing social media to attract and connect with customers.  Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are all important social networks that should be leveraged for marketing your small business.  There are many small business social media services out there, but once again it is important to review their services and the clients they have worked with.

I hope this helps explain some of the current marketing methods available for small businesses.  Its a competitive business environment, so make sure you are marketing effectively and getting a good return on your marketing investment.

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Like other states, Tennessee has a continuing education requirement for licensed attorneys.  Below is the actual wording from the law:

Section 3. Continuing Legal Education Requirement.

3.01.  Each attorney admitted to practice law in the State of Tennessee shall attend, or complete an approved substitute for attendance, a minimum of twelve (12) actual hours of approved continuing legal education each calendar year, beginning January 1, 1987. In addition, beginning January 1, 1993, attorneys shall complete three (3) additional hours per year of approved continuing education in courses dealing with ethics and professionalism (“EP credits”). All hours of continuing legal education for each calendar year shall be earned by December 31 of that calendar year.

3.02.  Attorneys who have a permanent physical disability which makes attendance of CLE programs inordinately difficult may file a request for a substitute program in lieu of attendance and shall therein set out continuing legal education plans tailored to their specific interests and physical abilities. The Commission shall review and approve or disapprove such plans on an individual basis. Denial of any requested substitute for attendance will be accompanied by reasons for the denial of the application and suggestions how the attorney might improve his or her application for an approved substitute for attendance.

3.03.  Each attorney must actually attend fifteen (15) instructional hours of CLE per year. An instructional hour shall be determined by the Commission.

Complete Law:

If you require the services of a Tennessee attorney for any of the reasons mentioned below, be sure to check the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility to ensure they have an active law license and they are current on any required continuing education requirements:


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If you are looking for a wonderful outdoor vacation idea in the area of Southern California you should consider taking a trip to the Sequoia National Park.  The Sequoia National Park is is over 404 thousand acres of beautiful wilderness, including the Giant Sequoia tree forest.  In fact, the park is home to the largest growing tree in the world and is known as the General Grant Tree.

Kings Canyon National Park is located within the Sequoia National Park and offers some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world.  Hundreds of thousand of people from around the world visit the parks each year and in 2011 almost 1.6 million people visited the parks.

The park offers many outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, mountain climbing and more.  Plan your next vacation at one of Americas oldest and greatest national parks and enjoy a lifetime of memories.

For more information about the parks visit

For more information about Sequoia National Park lodging visit


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