If you are going to be visiting Orange County, CA or if you live in the area you should check the local traffic conditions before heading out.  For those that have driven in Orange County, you know that the traffic can be a nightmare.  Even if there are no car accidents, traffic can still come to a stand still during peak hours.

As the population of Orange County continues to grow and because of it being an economic hub with many businesses and tourist destinations the roads are almost always jammed.  With packed freeways and busy side streets it is no wonder that many car accidents happen on a daily basis.

To check for current traffic conditions you can visit this web site:

Here is an image showing what type of information it provides:



Another great site to check for real time traffic information is the CHP traffic site here:

Here is an image showing the type of traffic information you can expect to find on the site:



Remember, if you do find yourself involved in an accident, be sure to contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in Orange County.  A good Orange County personal injury lawyer can help ensure your legal rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Above all, drive safe when driving in Orange County, CA!


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If you are looking for a wonderful outdoor vacation idea in the area of Southern California you should consider taking a trip to the Sequoia National Park.  The Sequoia National Park is is over 404 thousand acres of beautiful wilderness, including the Giant Sequoia tree forest.  In fact, the park is home to the largest growing tree in the world and is known as the General Grant Tree.

Kings Canyon National Park is located within the Sequoia National Park and offers some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world.  Hundreds of thousand of people from around the world visit the parks each year and in 2011 almost 1.6 million people visited the parks.

The park offers many outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, mountain climbing and more.  Plan your next vacation at one of Americas oldest and greatest national parks and enjoy a lifetime of memories.

For more information about the parks visit

For more information about Sequoia National Park lodging visit


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